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  丁度先週末になりますが、既に予約開始しております「謳う丘〜Ar=Ciel Ar=Dor〜」 の村人録音がありました。約30名の皆様に参加していただきまして、最初から 最後まで本当に和気あいあいと、楽しく収録する事が出来ました。


Hello, Tsuchiya here.
  Last weekend we had the townspeople recording session for "Singing Hill ~Ar=Ciel Ar=Dor~" (pre-orders are open now). About 30 people showed up for the event, and they were full of enthusiasm from the start to the very end, so it was a very enjoyable recording session.


恐らく、ご参加いただきました皆さんは内容に衝撃を覚えた方が多かったのでは ないかと思いますが、そこでも見えていない、それ以上の衝撃もまだ有りますの で、是非楽しみにお待ち下さい。今回の謳う丘CDは、今までヒュムノスやアルト ネリコの世界観を好きでいて下さった皆様にとっては、本当にとても楽しめる作 品になっていると思っております。是非お買い求め頂ければ幸いです。

さて編纂室ですが、今回も20個程度を回答させていただきました!今回もだい たい半分くらいの回答となります。

次回以降の質問も受け付けております。質問はお一人様3件までとさせていただ いておりますので、よろしくお願いします。

I can't help but think that a lot of the participants were rather surprised by the session, but if you weren't there, I think you'll be even more surprised once it comes out, so I hope you all don't mind waiting a little while longer. I think this Singing Hill CD will be a lot of fun for long-time fans of Hymmnos and the Ar tonelico world. I hope you'll manage to purchase a copy.

Now, about the Technical Data Room, I've responded to about 20 questions this time! Again, that makes about half of the questions that were submitted.

I'll continue to take questions for a while. Please limit yourself to 3 questions. I look forward to hearing from you.


Are there any other possible applications for Nuclear Triangular Loops besides using them in Reyvateils?

Tks tsuchiya 01 1


It's possible, but not much good would come out of it in the current state of affairs.
Since Nuclear Triangular Loops are generic D-Wave generators, it's possible for them to create things other than human-shaped bodies. For example, it would be possible to program one to take the form of a tank. However, the problem is that while it's possible to do this with the physical manipulation component (Nuclear Triangular Loop), the rest of the system wouldn't necessarily follow through as well. Reyvateils take the form of humans because they use scans of human H-Waves as the basis of their minds. However, if you put one in the form of a tank, it's difficult to calculate what sort of feelings or behaviors (neurological connections) the tank created by the Nuclear Triangular Loop would undertake.
The EXEC_FLIP-style Song Magic that's only supported by the Third Tower is an incremental step in this direction.


The RTs of Clusternia attack you bare-handed in game, but is that how they usually conduct combat operations?
Do they not use weapons, or do they strengthen their bodies using song magic?

Tks tsuchiya 01 1


Strictly speaking, the reason they're "barehanded" is because it was easier for us in the production phase.
However, they're not really barehanded; in the Third Tower, a number of Reyvateils (like Akane) take up weapons and fight as vanguard elements. There aren't any non-Reyvateils in Clusternia in the first place. As a result, they undergo training to fight on the front lines as well as adaptive song magic training, then combine the two to train as weapon-using vanguards that also use song magic. Of course, this takes a very long time, and they also undergo some physical fortification in biocapsules (though it really has more of an effect on their powers of concentration, judgement, and processing ability, which gives them a universal speed boost). So, Clusternian Reyvateils are quicker at singing than the average Reyvateil. Of course, they're not as quick as New Testament of Pastalie users, but there are some whose singing speed is about on par with that of Pastalie. Still, these people only make up a small percentage of top military personnel.


What happened to Nenesha after Infel's decisive battle?
Was she completely annihilated?

Tks tsuchiya 01 1


As you say, she was completely annihilated.

2. 例えばアルトネリコのレーヴァテイルがソル・クラスタに行き、彼女が娘を産んだとします。その娘がソル・シエールに帰った場合、彼女のレーヴァテイル質は発症するのでしょうか? またその場合、その娘は一瞬にしてレーヴァテイルとなるのでしょうか、それとも発症は通常のように遅れてでしょうか?
¡Saludos desde Latinoamerica!

This is my first post! I really love Ar tonelico. I hope to continue to support the series for a very long time!
Well, I have 2 questions for you.
1. Why did Lyner forget about Misha?
2. Suppose a Reyvateil from Ar tonelico went to Sol Cluster and had a daughter. If her daughter returned to Sol Ciel, would her Reyvateil nature manifest? If so, would she become a Reyvateil immediately, or would it take time as it normally does?
3. What do the words "qoga" and "omness" in EXEC_over.METHOD_SUBLIMATION/. mean?
Thank you very much!
¡Saludos desde Latinoamerica!
* We've edited the questions somewhat. We hope you understand.

Tks tsuchiya 01 1


1. Let me speak honestly about this. They'd been separated at a very young age (age 5 or so), and Lyner's father never spoke to him about Misha, so it's like if a girl you knew well in kindergarten moved to a far-off state or province after graduation, and you never heard from her or about her again ... that's the basic feeling we were aiming for, so I'm sorry, but we'd always established that there was nothing really wrong with him forgetting about her.
2. Her daughter born in Sol Cluster would have the Reyvateil nature, but since it would be linked to the First Tower, she would be a normal human as long as she remained at the Third Tower. If she went back to the First Tower, she would have the same chances as anyone else of having her Reyvateil nature manifest. However, it's not that she has a higher chance of it activating there, or that it was already active and she was just out of the range of the Tower so she was basically a normal human; basically, it's like the chances of it manifesting are like the chances of winning in a raffle, and since she was away from the First Tower she was never entered in the raffle to begin with, and by going to Sol Ciel she'd finally be entered with a chance to win.
3. I'm terribly sorry. For various reasons I'm afraid I've allowed the Hymmnoserver to stagnate. Sorry to have caused you trouble. "qoga" is "demise", and "omness" is "to praise".


Thank you very much for the previous answers. This time, I want to ask something about Saki. If any of her alternate personae had sung the EXEC_EP=NOVA/. she Downloaded, would all of them sing the same Nyamo song? If that isn't the case, please tell me in a simple way what traits of each persona would show up.


Tks tsuchiya 01 1


All of them would end up singing the Nyamo song. That is because regardless of if they sing or not, they gave all their courage and judgement to to Saki. To put it another way, given that Hymmnos Extracts are strong Songs with powerful effects on the system's components, the SH-RAM Address of the singer is an essential element in them. While we can see from the start that the personae are different beings that coexist in the SH-RAM, actually there aren't any external connections that they can use to gain access to the Hymmnos systems. Similarly to how you can't install an operative system in a HDD connected through USB, the only region that the Tower can see is the SH Server. Since Saki and her personae share a common region, they all can execute the Extract if they seriously tried singing it.

1) 設定資料集によると、第三塔やインフェル・ピラは、生きている全ての依存体(レーヴァテイル)の導体D波を少しずつ変換し稼動エネルギーとして利用していますが、ちゃんと稼動する為にはそれぞれ最小何人くらいのレーヴァテイル必要なんでしょうか。

2) METHOD系のヒュムノスのことですが、新約パスタリエの以前開発されたMETHOD系ヒュムノスが存在しているなら、現在(新約パスタリエの開発以後)も使えるんですか?

3) メタ・ファルスの400年前について質問です。あまり空気を読まない質問かもしれませんが…

Hi, and thank you for all your hard work.
1) It was stated in the Setting Encyclopedia that both Infel Phira and the Third Tower are continually and slowly transforming the Dynamic D-Waves of all their living dependants (Reyvateils) into the energy they use to continue operating, but what's the smallest number of Reyvateils they would need to function properly?
2) About the METHOD-type Hymmnos, if there existed one prior to the development of the New Testament of Pastalie, would it still be usable now (after the New Testament of Pastalie was developed)?
3) I have a question about the Metafalss from 400 years ago. This might be because I didn't read between lines, but...
I feel that the many IPDs that were needed to sing an maintain Metafalica without problems were created in a very short time (the time from the transcription of the first IPD (3291 AD) to the attempt of singing Metafalica (3313) was of around 22 years), so how they managed to increase (?) enough the IPD number for this in such a short time?

Tks tsuchiya 01 1


1) Theoretically, the lower the number, the higher the level of energy that will be absorbed from each person for maintenance purposes, so the server won't stop functioning due to lack of power. However, I think that around 100 people would be an appropriate number.
2) There weren't any METHOD-type Hymmnos prior to the development of the New Testament of Pastalie.
3) Basically, after they receive an IPD transcription, they'll become IPD Reyvateils, even without having to wait for the birth of the next generation. In short, every Reyvateil that received the transcription automatically becomes an IPD. However, this required the rather unpleasant Install of a D-Cellophane (in an incomplete way, since it was a simple one designed to serve as a patch for executing the transcription) during a short time. Several years later, they started being given fixed Address on Infel Phira, which made possible connecting to it without requiring any D-Cellophanes.


Each of the races have specific traits: Cielans have brown hair, Metafalssians have blong hair, Clusterians have black hair and Teru have silver hair, correct? Then, why characters like Amarie or Nenesha have such strange hair colors? There was a place in which these colors were something common?

Tks tsuchiya 01 1


I'll have to be honest with you: there were several times in which we had to cut through the established setting and design aspects. While I agree with you on the setting aspect, I had to take several difficult decisions when it came to designing unique and fascinating characters, and as the result of talking with everyone on staff, we had to take this approach. However, had we stuck too close to the setting, Sol Ciel would have been mostly filled with brown-haired people and Metafalss with blondes. By the way, when Ar tonelico 1 was still in its initial stages, I tried to faithfully reproduce this setting in part, and that can be seen from the fact that most of the NPC sprites have brown hair.


We were told that Metempsychosis is Installed in the Clustanian Supreme Commander... given this, would it be possible to Install that song into Richa?

Tks tsuchiya 01 1


It would be possible, but it wouldn't have any effect if she sung it. Aside of being stored in a Hymn Crystal, Metempsychosis is equipped with an authentication function used through Harvestasha VISTA, which is always set to recognize only the current Supreme Commander. Simply put, it's like [an installed program that won't run due to lacking the product key].


The airship that Mir and Spica rode to Metafalss, and the ones that Krusche, Jack and Luke rode to Sol Cluster were all airships that existed in Platina from the start, and weren't they made through Grathmelding? How each of these was built?
I remembered this especially because Luke and Krusche were set as Melders, and I was wondering if engineers had any other techniques at their disposal aside of Grathmelding.
Finally, wasn't Luke's airship far too small in the game?

Tks tsuchiya 01 1


Since the direct usage of Symphonic Power was banned by Shurelia's government in Sol Ciel, Grathmeld spreaded through the region instead. However, Tenba originally opposed this in secret, and independently conducted research on the direct usage of Symphonic Power, which was the main cause of them even reaching the extreme of breaching the Covenant of Elemia and trying to explore the Tower.
However, after the game ended, Platina did the opposite from Tenba and ended disclosing all the knowledge and methods for the usage of Symphonic Power throughout Sol Ciel. Since Grathmelding is basically a linear process (in other words, it's a rather Lite version of the techniques and technology that preceeded it), I don't think it would take much time to learn it.
As for Luke's airship, it ended being far smaller than intended due to schedule problems we had during the drafting and creation process of the maps.


About the transmission of Symphonic Power from the First to the Second Tower, it's done through Sol Marta's relay? I thought that it provided more than enough power for both the surrounding areas of the First and Second Towers, but how much energy does exist in the space between both Towers?
If Metafalss doesn't fall inside the range of the First Tower's Symphonic Power, then the directionality of the energy of the energy sent to Sol Marta would have to be amplified, but if that was the case, shouldn't Mir have died before she completed her Sol Ciel-Metafalss journey...? (although Mir actually made it to Metafalss, but still...)

Tks tsuchiya 01 1


Sol Ciel and Metafalss are both inside the Symphonic Power range emitted by the First Tower. Of course, there are some narrow parts between both regions outside of said range (since they are like two circles entering in contact with each other), but Mir's group had some equipment that allowed them to verify the areas with the largest quantity of Symphonic Power in them, which allowed them to take the shortest route to Sol Marta. Thus, they didn't have the risk of flying outside of the Towers' range. Of couse, if they had gone outside of the Symphonic Power's range, they planned to go back and entirely replan the journey.



I was thinking that Reyvateils, and especially Third Generations would be prone to have large fluctuations in their feelings, but in the worst cases, such as distress or depression, that could have large negative effects in their everyday lives. Wouldn't that end up causing them mental diseases?
If that happened and they had to go to a doctor, would they be given a treatment such as being given normal antidepressants and tranquilizers?
On the other hand, if they developed a hereditary mental disease and had to be forcefully administrated medicines, would there be any medicines that shouldn't be used due to causing ill effects on their Soulspaces?

Tks tsuchiya 01 1


The main reason for the Third Generations having large fluctuations in their emotions is due to their human nature. Therefore, they can't have larger fluctuations than those normal humans have. When their Reyvateil natures awaken, the fluctuations won't increase, but it's possible that those who lived as normal humans until that moment end up developing depression from having to live both as human and Reyvateils. However, regardless of this being either good or bad, they have the possibility of having a [mental endoscopic surgery (Diving)] as treatment for their depression, which allows them to be cured more smoothly and with a larger rate of success than humans.
As for the administration of antidepressants and similar medicines, since they act on the physical layer (D-Waves), it wouldn't be really possible for them to cause ill effects on the H-Wave layer. It's the same thing as pump engines having nitrogen as an additive and having one inserted in your body making you scream, but the nitrogen by itself won't be toxic unless it's mixed with water.


There's something that got me thinking when I noticed that there was a tone-deaf IPD,
but how would this work out?
(If this is completely wrong, please ignore what I wrote)
While Aurica couldn't really craft her feelings well at the start,
I felt that it was similar, so would be tone-deafness related to being unable to solidify their mental images?
Or have they actually sung through their mouths?
*I think that there were some normal people singing as well
(But in these cases, wouldn't they lack the effects of an Hymmnos?)
(Crescent Anoaze Shoukuroaki)

Tks tsuchiya 01 1


Of course there are tone-deaf Reyvateils, and Saki's even one.
However, when a Reyvateil sings Song Magic or Hymmnos, their personal sense of music isn't taken in account. Even if these are songs, these aren't actually words sung by them, and are actually a mechanism of expression sent to a third party. Therefore, even if they are tone-deaf for singing normal songs, they will sing Song Magic flawlessly and beautifully.
Thus, Aurica's singing practice was merely an act of self-consolation, because she doesn't know much about how Reyvateils actually work and it would be normal for her to act under superstitions such as "If I continue practicing my singing, my Song Magic will become stronger". Of course, many excellent Reyvateils also have this mindset and continue practicing their songs very frequently.
The fact that Aurica wasn't capable of crafting her feelings wasn't because of tone-deafness, but it's because of a different feeling, one we would call [feeling useless]. At that moment, Aurica felt very isolated from everyone else, and having such feelings as the driving force behind a Reyvateil is the worst that could be done for them (she closed off her own heart, which is also completely different from being emotionless. I'm just adding this to avoid confusions).


In the ending where Saki and Aoto end up together, what would happen to [Sakia], now that [Saki] entered and was tied to [Sakia Rumei]'s body? Would she become unable to manifest herself in the real world, now that the former Will of the Planet [Saki] (sorry for being so bad at saying this) will continue hijacking her body?
Since it's something related to the story, it could be a very bitter answer, but I'd be very happy if you answered it.
(I want to nap with Meimei)

Tks tsuchiya 01 1


From the start, she thought that she didn't have other choice than letting her body be hijacked and both have agreed to coexist in the same body. Additionally, manifesting herself in the real world is a greatly terrifying experience for Sakia even now. Of course, this isn't just because she lost her nerve or because she feels as [isolated from the world], but because she feels that her natural life-cycle is to watch over Saki from the shadows and merely manifest at the appropriate times. Therefore, if Saki completely disappeared, that would become a problem for Sakia too. Being forced to live permanently in the real world would have high probabilities of causing her a great stress (it'd be the same thing as forcing someone who has slept eight hours daily until now to sleep only 3 because you thought it was the best for him/her). I'm sorry if this ended becoming a hindsight-based answer, but coexisting with Saki is the most comfortable way that Sakia would have it at the moment.


This is the last question I'll ask for this issue: there's any reason for why the BGM inside the Tower doesn't change after Tilia has fully remembered and sung EXEC_REBIRTHIA=PROTOCOL/.?
I thought it'd have been due to disk space problems, so if that's the case, what would be the actual BGM inside the Tower?

Tks tsuchiya 01 1


As you say, it was due to problems with the technical specifications, and the actual result would be that the song would stop resounding throughout the Tower. The reason why it keeps echoing throughout the Tower is because the Song is still halfway sung and Tilia has been during these 700 years in that same state of [in the middle of singing it]. From a processing standpoint, this means she has spent 700 years in the [currently singing] status. Once she has finished singing it, naturally the song will end and it won't be heard inside the Tower anymore.


I've asked several questions this time, but there's a particular one that has been bothering me for a long time.
First, in the end who was the [Priestess] character that appeared in the Ar tonelico 1 Drama CDs [Shurelia] and [Extra]?
Could we consider her as a spiritual being (a being made up from data?) somewhat similar to what Infel was...?
And finally, if you've given her an actual name, please tell me it.

Tks tsuchiya 01 1


While we haven't thought a particularly deep setting for her, residual feelings from inside the Reyvateil's Cosmospheres can remain in the SH-RAM, but especially strong feelings can even have an effect on the Binary Field. That's more or less the situation, and I think we could consider her as a Mir without bad intentions. Theoretically speaking, she's the same kind of being as Infel and Mir when she existed as a data being. However, we haven't reallly made up detailed settings for her such as her true name.


Here are some questions that have been bothering me:
1) Is it possible to use Binasphere Chorus in the New Testament of Pastalie?
2) When the Seven Bloodstains happened, the Planetary Core got cracked, but would this mean that this even cracked the shell and crystal glass of the Heart of the Land, and the plasma inside began leaking out?
3) Frelia created the Tower by singing a realtime-crafted Hymmnos Extract, but what does that mean? Is she capable of crafting and executing a Hymmnos Extract that was never Downloaded into her?
(Babango Seller)

Tks tsuchiya 01 1


1) Yes, it's possible to use Binasphere Chorus in the New Testament of Pastalie. However, I think that would be hard enough to make anyone cry.
2) Generally speaking, it's just as you said. Once the balance of the Planetary Core got disrupted, the Planet itself became unbalanced and the waves it contained became all unstable. Due to that, all of the waves that maintained a fixed place became unstable and all of the Wills that had a permanent existence gradually began to disappear. While these changes we saw so far would seem to us as a missing piece of something, to Ar Ciel itself that seemed as a total collapse of Her identity.
3) This is just as you said, too. Strictly speaking, she is in a constant cycle of performing the Download Ceremony of a Hymn Crystal and singing the feelings she received from a previous Download. As you can see, it's like the difference between playing a downloaded song and streaming it.


I have some questions about Croix and Cocona.
1. Considering Croix's abilities, wouldn't it be far too harsh to call him a [low-rank knight]?
I thought he was skilled enough to be even considered as [Leglius' right hand man]...
2. Is the personnel in the Grand Bell so scarce that they even have to resort to making little girls fight, regardless of how great their combat ability is?
3. Finally, did Cocona mean that Croix is extremely cold when she said [Croix's C stands for Cool]?
Or she meant that he's actually very nice and everyone else just sees him as cold?
Or she says that he should take care of himself when he continues struggling even in hot days?
Finally, can you reveal the list of the people to which you didn't reply?
If possible, please tell us the reason why you couldn't use their questions.
If we don't know it, most likely several people will continue asking this same question...

Tks tsuchiya 01 1



1) The scene where he was called a low-rank knight was set at the very beginning of the game. Of course he has great abilities, but even in the real world, companies won't think very highly of new employees during their first year. Also, while he indeed is called a low-rank knight, that doesn't mean that this is his actual title among the Grand Bell Knights.
2) Are you talking about Cocona? Cocona herself volunteered to participate in the missions to support Croix after she began living with him, while the Great Bell reluctanctly accepted her into their ranks. And if you were referring to the Reyvateils, that would be due to the culture of this world: Reyvateils make far better soldiers than the humans in Ar Ciel, especially in Metafalss, where they are treated with great respect.
3) Cool didn't mean a "cold person" in that context. Cocona meant that Croix might not show his emotions often, but he's actually quite a warmhearted person.

By the way, as for the conditions for getting your questions chosen or not, that is among the questions I'll have to pass on at the moment, since there have been several reasons for not choosing them aside of they being unfit for this column, such as [them being chosen at random] or [because it would require far too much effort to answer them]. For example, questions that would require checking up each game fully or re-reading several of the already published materials are the ones I'll normally pass on currently. I recognize that it's quite selfish on my part to do this, so if you ever see me acting too far like [I want this!!], please make sure to send me a heads up in the contributions form, without writing any questions in it, so I'll be capable of reflecting the best I can from your words.


Richa has quite a tall figure and large breasts, while on the contrary, both Finnel and Akane are short and flat-chested.
This difference in their appearances comes from which among these options?
1) From a randomly generated growth program
2) From Harvestasha controlling their growth
3) Due to the way in which the cultivation tanks where manipulated.
Also, while the second to four sections of their Control Names are easily decided, who decides and in which way the first part, which is the one corresponding to given names such as [Akane] and [Finnel]?
Since the parents are the ones who decide them both for humans and Third Generations, I was wondering in which way Clusternia decided the names.

Tks tsuchiya 01 1


The kind of physical build that each Reyvateil will have is decided depending on an annual growth program that each of them have. This is decided in conjunction by Ayatane, the top brass of Clusternia and Harvestasha VISTA, who plan their bodies depending on what type of Reyvateil will be the most efficient to accomplish their current goals. Their names are decided by them, as well.


We were told that [The personalities of the Origins are set by a program, and can't be altered except by humans], but wouldn't that be a description more appropriate for the currently theoretical-only Bottom-Up AI model?

Tks tsuchiya 01 1


While fundamentally is pretty close to the Bottom-Up model, it isn't a complete copy of it. Strictly speaking, that is due to their minds being based from a specific human Soulspace template. Therefore, it would be more correct to say that their minds are mix of [Fixed Knowledge] and [Bottom-Up AI]. It's more or less like when you put on getas. From the beginning, all of the facts related to their basic movements are preset by themselves.


If this is wrong, please ignore this question.
In page 109 of the Ar tonelico 3 Setting Encyclopedia there was a table of the hierarchy of the Wills of the Planet, but Mute was included among the Pureblooded β-types such as Finnel and Akane. Is this an error?

Tks tsuchiya 01 1


I'm very sorry. That was an error on our part.