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  そろそろ9月末です。9月末には、4周年祭で予約していました「三種のぬいぐる みセット」「抱き枕カバー」、そして「謳う丘~Ar=Ciel Ar=Dor~」が発売になりますね。今回は謳う丘CDについて少しお話ししようと思います。

Hello everyone, Tsuchiya here.
  The end of September is finally coming, and that's the time in which the items that could be preordered since the fourth anniversary festival: the [Three Stuffed Toys Set], the [Dakimakura Covers] and [Singing Hill -Ar=Ciel Ar=Dor-], will be finally released. Today, we will talk a little about the Singing Hill CD.

今回の「謳う丘~Ar=Ciel Ar=Dor~」は、私も「謳う丘」での作詞作編曲のみならず、「Afezeria HARVESASYA」の作詞と、初回特典ブック(通称伝承本)の全執筆も行っています。アルトネリコ3部作を一通り語り終え、世界観が一周した事もあり、惑星アルシエル全体に関わる部分である「神話」をベースとして惑星全体の設定が主役となる、自分としては願ってもない機会でした。

In this album, [Singing Hill -Ar=Ciel Ar=Dor-], I once again had the task of composing, arranging and writing the lyrics for this version of [Singing Hill], as well as writing the lyrics for [Afezeria HARVESTASYA] and writing the entirety of the book (popularly known as the legend book) that comes bundled with its first press edition. As talks for the work on further games ended for the time being with Ar tonelico 3's release and the world setting completed a cycle already, I was wishing I could have one more chance to make something else based on the entirety of Planet Ar Ciel, more specifically having the [myths] of said Planet be the main focus, and this album ended being that precisely.
  Many times I've wanted to show you all the beauty of its packaging and pages, so now I'll be displaying here one of these setting pages you all should be used to by now.


今回、詩の想いとして「謳う丘」のみならず、各地方の伝承4曲にも1つずつ物語があります。それらに付随する形で、上記のようなその地方の世界設定ページ も用意しました。恐らくこれが、死の雲海で覆われる前のアルシエルの唯一の設定資料となるのではないかと思います。ご興味がある方は、ガストショップでも 本日から再版スタート(現時点で注文しても発売日には届きません、ご了承下さ い)しましたし、amazonやアニメイト店頭などでの販売はまだ有りますので是非ゲットしてくださいね。

This will contain the Feelings Contained in this version of [Singing Hill], as well as containing the stories for each one of the four songs representing the myths from each of the four regions of Ar Ciel. Additionally, each of these regions will have a setting page attached to them that I've prepared myelf. I think that most likely this will be only setting materials collection that will be displayed about how Ar Ciel was prior to being covered by the Sea of Death. If you're interested, you can go to the Gust Shop and order the reprinted edition, starting today (although if you order right now, be warned that there's no guarantee that we can deliver it by the release date), or go get it from Animate and other online retailers.


Well then, today I've answered quite a few questions, too.
  This time and the next one I'll continue receiving questions. Please remember that only a max of three questions per person will be accepted.


Hello, it's always a fun to take a look to the Technical Data Room and the Toukousphere.
My current question would be this: there is a time limit for how long the Dive Machines allow to Dive into a Cosmosphere?
If a day or two pass within the Cosmosphere, would that same amount of time pass in the real world too?
(Bombastic Gentleman)

Tks tsuchiya 01 1


Diving itself doesn't have a time limit, but since the metabolism of the humans wouldn't stop regardless of any reason, if they went Diving for too long, they would eventually die from it. This is why the Dive industry and businesses decided to set a time limit to the Dives for safety reasons. Said time limit is of around three hours.
Normally, a Dive will take just from a few minutes to one or two hours, and there wouldn't be any problems in that case. However, one hour in the real world doesn't necessarily pass at the same speed inside of a Dive, which is because the general notion of time is completely different between D-Wave spaces and H-Wave spaces. Even if one or two days pass within the Dive, in the real world normally that would be reflect as just a hour. Because the speed of the passing of time is so different between the world within a Dive and the real world, only the highlights of that day will be shown to the Diver (similarly to how dreams are focused on a particular scene... take Saki's Soulspace as an example, in which the scene in which she and Aoto ate dinner together was an entire day by itself). In other words, the world within a Dive is very similar to a dream in many aspects, including the passing of time (which removes any sort of meaning from it) and because it omits normal events.
By the way, there were some businesses and research facilities that had Dive Machines that allowed Dives that ran for longer than a day: the research facility ones were equipped with life-preserving and metabolic maintenance systems to make this feat possible without endangering the life of the Diver, while the business ones were pretty much more extreme versions of the normal machines (although mechanically speaking, it wouldn't be possible for either the Reyvateil or the Diver to do whatever they personally liked inside of them). However, that kind of situation caused a problem better known as [bed-peeing condition]: everything the Diver did within the Dive would also get reflected in actions done by his or her real body back inside the Dive Machine. As for the sensations provoked by the weakness brought about by malnutrition and such, that would make the Diver and the Reyvateil begin getting lethargic until they lost consciousness, and they would pretty much lie in a coma until they died of starvation. That is fundamentally because the Dive was allowed to continue uninterrupted until their brains (which in Ar Ciel also carries the meaning of being a H-Wave receiver) had reached their functional limits.


Tsuchiya-sama, thank you for all your hard work.
Were Filament's heart and wounds healed by the restoration of the Planet?

Tks tsuchiya 01 1


That scene with [Filament's Heart] doesn't mean that she was actually ill after she was born with a physical body, it just means that her SH-Waves (soul) sustained a massive emotional trauma, which was unconsciously reflected in Saki's Soulspace as [the plot in which she didn't have a corporeal heart]. So if I had to concretely answer the question, it would be more or less that "the Planet's restoration greatly reduced her emotional trauma, so if we had the chance to Dive into Saki's Soulspace again, or directly into Filament's Soulspace after the restoration took place, there would be a high probability of the her heart reappearing due to how that setting was structured".


The Musical Corridors and the Wings of Hynemos control the weather around the Towers, but can they also exert some kind of influence over the environment inside their active ranges?
(Brown Sugar)

Tks tsuchiya 01 1


The Musical Corridors are basically environmental construction systems that employ [artificial wave effects] similarly to how we use radio waves, so physically speaking, they have the same relationship that the base stations for mobile phones have with their environment. Therefore, it isn't really possible to define where their range [starts] and where it [ends]. However, the boundary of their influence is around a kilometer in width, so as the influence of the Musical Corridors weaken, the more their waves collide with the D-Waves produced by nature. In these cases, the waves with the strongest energy win, so the (physical) environment would undergo several changes daily. (In a more simple way, if a typhoon created by Ar Ciel appeared in a 2 kilometer area in the boundary of the Musical Corridor's influence area, it would turn it into a storm zone; while on the contrary, if the Corridor created the typhoon, the storm would have its area of effect in an additional kilometer that isn't supposed to be under the Corridor's influence).
Additionally, there isn't a boundary line for when the [waves] turn into [physical phenomena], so all sorts of things could enter the Corridors' sphere of influence. A good example would be Aoto's hometown [Blue Canyon Hamlet], in which strong winds are said to blow, although this is because this place is right in the border of the Corridor's area of influence, which weakens the strong gusts that come from the outside in order to allow the village to exist.

chmod b111000000/nについて質問させて頂きます。
また、chmod b111000000/nが、ハーヴェ以外は誰もアクセスできない状態のモードなら、全員がアクセスできる状態のモードとか、あるんでしょうか?

I have a question about chmod b111000000/n.
Isn't it possible to make a mistake while inputting the binary digits for the parameters (the 1110000000 part) for the mode change?
And if that's the case, sorry for getting into more detail, but how many kinds of mode change there are?
From 000 to 777, it should be a total of 512 modes, right?
Also, if there's a mode in which only Harve can access the Tower's systems, there also should be mode that allows everyone to do so, right?
(Binary Fi~eld)

Tks tsuchiya 01 1


As a general rule, there are a total of 512 mode change types. However, that also means that there are several modes that will never be used and only exist due to how the digital systems are structured. In the first place, chmod's usage was originally intended only to give access rights to the humans after Harvestasha was created, in case anything happened to her and that unusual situation created a security hole; although they also limited the number of modes to keep anyone from toying with the AI and changing her to an strange mode, so the unused modes were configured as [impossible patterns] so no one could ever use them.
By the way, we could also consider chmod as the most basic part of Harvestasha's [personality], so while it's possible to control her personality by installing things such as a [loyal maid skin] or [gentle younger sister skin], that wouldn't modify in anything the way in which chmod works. Basically, chmod and the personality skins have a relationship similar to that of the [Deep Subconscious] and [Actual Consciousness]: you might try as hard as you want to change her personality, but since the core processes that serve as the declaration of intentions for her mind can't be modified by her conscious self and would end up rejecting these changes, she wouldn't change at all. It's similar to the situations we see in dreams of a door that won't open or our bodies being completely paralyzed.

のスピカの店での会話で、1のカードの話が出た時に、ジャクリが司祭と戦ったことについてクロアがひどく驚いていましたが、メタファルスの社会に、司祭という職業が成立するのですか? エレミア三謳神もそこまで熱心に信仰されているようではありませんし…。

Among the conversations that we could have in Spica's store in 2, there once was a conversation about the Ar tonelicards from 1, in which Croix was extremely shocked learning that Jakuri had fought a Bishop. There are any organizations that have a rank such as Bishop in the Metafalssian society? I didn't think that the belief on the Trio of Elemia was so passionate...

Tks tsuchiya 01 1


Honestly speaking, it was because we didn't seriously ponder about the title.
For an in-world explanation, this may be mere convenience on my part, but given that a "bishop" is supposed to be "the most prominent among the priests", and Metafalss has a similar title: the "Pope"; both words could have been used in Ar Ciel with everyone thinking they had the same meaning.

が重要な要素の世界ですが、歌会のようなものまたは短歌のような短い歌もあるのでしょうか。 (マスカルポーネ)

Given that songs are such an important part of the world, do they have things such as song competitions and short songs like the tanka?

Tks tsuchiya 01 1


They don't have the same concept of [tanka] we have here in Japan, but their culture does have a word play of lining up words that sound nice together in a 5-7-5 pattern. The main idea is that the further a culture has a fundamental musical interval, the longer their songs will be.

スズノミアのように惑星から切り離された意志は他にも存在すると思うのですが、そういった意志は惑星再生時にはどうなるのでしょうか。やはり切り離されたままなのでしょうか。 (マスカルポーネ)

Thank you for all your hard work in answering the questions!
I was thinking if there were other Wills that were detached from the Planet like Suzunomia was, and if it'd be possible to revive them. Would it be possible, even after they got detached?

Tks tsuchiya 01 1


As long as they haven't vanished completely, it'll be mostly possible to bring these Wills back. Suzunomia revived too, naturally; like also did Shelanoir, who was in the verge of death as we explained in the Setting Materials Collection. However, if not even a part of the waves that comprised a Will remain, it won't be possible to bring him or her back. The only exception to this was Saki in her own route.


How does the weather work in the Metafalica continent?
The weather control from the Wings of Hynemos doesn't reach it, right? Therefore, it should be completely exposed to the natural elements, right?

Tks tsuchiya 01 1


The creation of Metafalica isn't just creating a [lump of dirt], but the creation of everything that exists within its area of influence, as we also explained in the game. In other words, it creates a sphere of several dozens kilometers of radius around Infel Phira. It might be hard to understand to those who live in a materialistic civilization, but examining this from a Metafalica-like point of view, the [lump of dirt] inside its area of influence is an individual living body, while the [air] is its breath. Therefore, similarly to how Infel Phira is still located under Metafalica, Infel Phira still continues creating the air present in the area around itself.


This is a question I suddenly thought up, but... there are Telemos in the First Tower?
From looking at technologies like the ones found in Firefly Alley, I feel they should have Telemos too, but we never saw Lyner and friends using them, right?

Tks tsuchiya 01 1


From a setting standpoint, yes, there are Telemos in the First Tower too. It's just that when we were creating Ar tonelico 1, I was under the bias of making it "look as a very fantasy-styled world" (which also was due to promotional reasons, as at the time, there was the trend of fantasy RPGs giving better impressions than those taking place in modern era settings). Therefore, we were forced to remove everything that seemed to have a large resemblance to our modern era technologies.


There are any particular anecdotes on the meaning of the compabilities in the Starcircling table, such as Hojoushiki = Harvestasha and Buten = Maoh?

Tks tsuchiya 01 1


It's basically that their names mean what their kanji say: Harvestasha means "Priestess of the Land", and Maoh means "Heroic Warrior". There are several anecdotes for all of them, but generally speaking, Harvestasha excelled as a priestess while Maoh excelled as a warrior. In contrast, the region of Sol Ciel is very peculiar because of the fact that no legends remain in there that have the implications of Harvestasha being a priestess that prayed for abundant crops, such as Singing Hill ~EXEC_HARVESTASYA/.~ was. Maoh appears in many of Metafalss' myths, although he also appears in the myths of Sol Cluster as Buten. However, given that Rhaplanca is a mythological figure exclusive to Metafalss, she doesn't appear in the myths of any of the other regions.


Thank you for answering my questions from the last time. This time, I have a question about the power output of the Towers.
If EXEC_METAFALICA/. was sung in Tyria's Tower, that Tower wouldn't have enough of a power output to keep running its normal functions at the same time, right? Is this because the Tower is incomplete? However, I don't think that would be much of a problem if Moocheriel was running as well.

Tks tsuchiya 01 1


First, the required power output for Metafalica has a flow rate so high that nothing in either Metafalss or Tyria's Tower would be able to cover it. That is why Raki had to interrupt the song by killing Nenesha as a safety measure, as if the Song continued going in the way it was, Frelia would have died and the Second Tower would have vanished away. Frelia herself is connected to the First Tower of Ar tonelico, but the power she draws from it is nowhere enough the necessary to cover Metafalica's consumption rate (although there's a thick relay network connecting the First and Second Towers, the Symphonic Power transmission is nowhere on the same level). To solve this problem, Infel Phira was configured to have a Symphonic Power battery, which is why it's said it was turned into Metafalica's target since long ago.
By the way, the reason for the Third Tower not having enough Symphonic Power for this is because of the scarce number of Reyvateils it has, and the extreme amount of power that Tyria's Tower consumes. It might be unexpected, but actually, the number of Third Tower Reyvateils pales in comparison to the number of IPDs living in Metafalss (at the end of the game, Metafalss' population is around a million people, and since they statistically have a Reyvateil ratio of 0.21 PPR, this means that around 210000 Reyvateils live there. From that number, it's estimated that over half of them are IPDs, so there would be around 100000 IPDs. On the other hand, the scheduled way in which the Third Tower βs are born also takes in consideration the fact that they don't produce any excess energy due to the SH Server's best-effort model for its calculations, so it is an extremely efficient method of controlling the population. Because of this, the Reyvateil population in Tyria's Tower doesn't even reach 30000.)


Thank you as always for your hard work.
1. We know that there is an skill called Jamming, but how does it interfere with the Reyvateil's singing?
2. If we compared their fighting strength, in which order would you place Lyner, Croix and Aoto?
3. And this might be a meta statement, but in the case of the Jakuri Ending, where did Jakuri and Croix settle down once they arrived at Sol Ciel? (or did they continue traveling?)

Tks tsuchiya 01 1


1. Jamming is basically an strong emission of random Dynamic H-Waves, which when poured upon a target, causes a large chaos in her thoughts and turns her singing unstable.
2. Given the infinite permutations individual in each human, I'm afraid I can't decide on a strength rank among them myself. When it comes to battle, the winner would be decided by their way of fighting, environment, luck and physical condition.
3. This is something I'll leave to your imagination.


While it seems that Third Generations have a very short life in comparison to normal humans, wouldn't it be possible to increase their life expectancy further if the technological strength (and medical care) of the Ar tonelico world increased?
It might be impossible right now, but at least I wish that the Third Generations could have a long life in the future.
(Easy Eight)

Tks tsuchiya 01 1


The reason behind the Third Generations having such a short life span is because the possibilities of them living a full life are extremely low. It might be because they age faster due to being basically human, so there's nothing that can be done about the gradual degradation of their bodies. Therefore, if they are administered the Diquility with much more care the older they get, it's possible they could live as long as normal humans. However, in most cases, the Diquility administration ends up becoming irregular and without following the three-month schedule, with robs them of their life force, and since at old age they have lost the life force replenishment and vigor of their youth, they might end up dying from a disease, or they will become so weak that they wouldn't have any possibilities of recovering. As for medical treatments that could be developed in the future, I think there are a few problems that could get solved aside of it that, but that will take some time. At the very least, the Blocking Operation developed by Archia will be very helpful for advanced-age Reyvateils, and it should spread throughout the world after the Planet has been regenerated.



Thank your for hard work as always.
Here are a few questions that have been troubling me:
1) When you mentioned about Aurica being able to draw Mir's power, would that meant they would a have a similar relationship (ruled under the same basic principles) to the one Luca and Frelia have?

2) Thanks to the creation of the Silver Horn during the Second Era, the humans could get some magic-related services by singing without needing terminals or anything like. So, what kind of services were those? And did they exist back in the First Era too?

3) While Espada could destroy a monster created by Song Magic in Arpeggio, and Lyner was saved by riding into one of Aurica's Song Magic in the game, shouldn't this be impossible, given that Song Magic are three-dimensional holograms that can't be touched?
(Babango Seller)

Tks tsuchiya 01 1


1) Yes, they would have a relationship that had almost the same principles. The relationship between Frelia and Luca could be described as "making Luca into a Frelia-shaped cookie and baking it", while the one between Aurica and Mir would be "Aurica turning unexpectedly into a cookie with the same shape as Mir". The theory behind them both is the same, which is also why they are identified with the same Hymn Code, and allow them to use an exact duplicate of their access rights.
2) During the First Era, the People of Sol Ciel could use Song Magic by using special terminals. Strictly speaking, though, these were very advanced applications of Hymmnos Spells, where inputting certain commands in the terminal would yield results corresponding to them. These terminals continued being used even after the coming of the Second Era, but after Mir's Rebellion, Shurelia banned their use. In exchange, while the terminals can't be used anymore, it's very possible to create items similar to them through the usage of Grathmeld, so we could say it was a mere substitution of technologies.
3) Yes, you're right. Honestly speaking, we hadn't completely solidified the structure of Song Magic when Ar tonelico 1 was released, so there are a few points where it contradicts the setting as we currently know it.

)アルトネリコ依存体は「A.T.D.」、インフェル・ピラ依存体は「I.P.D.」 では第三塔のレーヴァテイルは上記省略系を使用するとすれば何と呼称するのでしょうか?

1) If the Reyvateils dependent on Ar tonelico are [ATDs] and the Infel Phira dependents are [IPDs], which would be the appropriate abbreviature for the Reyvateils that depend on the Third Tower?
Since the Tower's name is Harvestasha, they would be [HSDs]?
2) If any Third Generations (leaving IPDs aside) got an Hymn Code registered into (or analyzed by) Sol Marta, which one would end up being their connected terminal name: [ARTONELICO] or [SOL=MARTA]?
3) I know that this question couldn't be really answered in the Toukou, but...
The correct Japanese spelling for [Carmena Foreluna] (Risshizentsukuyomi) would be [律史前月読] or [律詩前月読]?
Also, which kind of meaning the mysterious letters [K] and [P] have on it?
I partially want to ask some questions about the Hymmnos language, but... I'll continue awaiting until the next update of the Hymmnoserver!
I know you are very busy, so please try to not push yourself so much and take care of your health... Good luck!

Tks tsuchiya 01 1


1) Strictly speaking, they would be HDs. Harvestasha is a single word, after all.
2) There have never been any βs that used [SOL=MARTA] as their connected terminal. Still, during the initial days of the Second Tower Project, this terminal name was prepared because there were plans to mass produce βs that made use of it. However, these plans were never realized because of the [Second Tower Project being greatly changed due to the intervention of the AHPP], which was detailed in the History Section of the At3 Settei Book. Due to this, Sol Marta never became an standalone system and became completely reliant on Ar tonelico. Therefore, it lacks its own independent SH Server and the SOL=MARTA terminal was never used excepting for Frelia.
3) [律史前月読] would be the correct spelling, as it means "the language (lunar chant) that was created before the systematization of the Notes (history prior to the Notes)". Sorry for that mistake.
As for [K] and [P], they have their own meanings in Ar Ciela, but don't have a clear meaning in Carmena Foreluna. Currently we know that [K] means [Creation and Destruction] while [P] means [Death and Rebirth].