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Festival of the stars represents the feelings of the three sisters and is used during festivals. It honors the three sisters, Shurelia, Frelia, and Tyria, explaining the things they have done, and how they will never be forgotten. The songs relies heavily on symbolism such as the mention of a white girl from heaven.


Note- Shurelia- Grey, Frelia- Green, Tyria- Purple, All- Orange

r ffv hl

Birds fly upon you,

w dz khrv

while you were dreaming, with the paradise.

mm q rjk

Waking up to an uncertain future,

s y jc

Maybe the stars will listen to your wishes.

fmb wr s

The sisters will embrace this wish.

ygxzz pw

They are goddesses who gave birth to a new era.

Kibou no ne ni tsutsumare sousei wo kakeru,

ffff ssss ssf

The world's creation takes flight as it gets wrapped up in the sound of hope.

Somewhere, a wind blows.

Kami no utagoe hissage sakigake no shimaitachi

yyyy jjjj n n yj

Using the singing voices of the harbingers, the sisters.

A light tears the nothingness, showing a skyline.

Omoi wo tabane tomoni tsumugu.

bbr s v t yuyyi js wrrn

Taking hold of such feelings, they continue to weave as one.

A world emerges before you, spinning to receive the light. A world that I will be glad to show.

Uta e odore ya inochi hiraku shukusai ni.

e ive rrei e nna accc www k

So cheer in song, dance for them, in this festival where life begins anew.

If you came to love this place, raise this feeling and join us in the creation.

Omnis Frissoner

Omnis Rippllys

Everything is trembling,

Everything is responding.

Amaneshi ma na ha.

The one true name, spread far and wide.

Enne fulual eazas here

Hajimari no ne ni susugareta.

Here, the prayers will be granted.

cleansed in it's first sound.

Kakaru kumo no mure.

ffl fl qa fll fll

Arriving overhead are a group of clouds.

Someone causes a bird's flight.

Hate naki michi ni mayoi furuu nara

frhh y frhh s frhh tt flla ii.

If you have lost your way upon this endless road, and are depressed,

It is a white girl from the heavens.

Ori no hane hiramekase.

tapva tapva rgg rgg nava yu fa

spread out your bent wings.

Her efforts bring prosperity, but human conflicts make a black wind blow.

Sono ha sakai.

lle dat mme dat nd o nn ggg

That is your boundary.

The good one's will fight the demons, and put a end to the war.

Sazameki ha amata.

cycya cycya j ja ia jnrr winr

There is too much noise.

The seeds listen to a song above the ground.

Hitotsu wo aida eba gyakuni madou nara.

jcya ny jnjj ja wnr jnr uenuw hv

If you tried to ask one thing and instead, got confused

Responding to this sound, leaves covered the earth.

Midori no yume tsurane na re.

wdt wsy wbbu wmmu fpanr fpanr

Try to link up all your blue dreams.

Many people approach the garden to take it's riches.

Sono ha shirube.

Sono ha shirube

dju n sjuze z fpo i ll t

That is your guide.

That is your guide.

It's mean, but they cant be ostracized. We all need to walk together.

Tsuka no ma no nemuri

ttwt nnun ttwt nnun

A sleep of an instant</font.

There is a emptiness inside of me.

Teoi no se utsu shizuku iyasu nara

txtx ta nnun txtx ta rnu ttr ss

If there are drops hitting against your injured back, healing it,

Here I dwell in solitude. Here I dwell in the life I have chosen.

Shiretsu no soui nadete hike.

uhdd uhdd igg a ixx a vj vj

burst open that fierce scar with your gentle strokes.

It's a dark well of opposing forces that struggle to get out.

Sono ha chigiri.

Sono ha chigiri

v v no muwxll

That is your vow.

That is your vow.

Will triumph the one more fair.

Sonwe granme, en chs yos sosar

Sonwe tou waka, en chs yos enesse

Sonwe zweie, en chs yos parith

Sing bravely, and I become your power.

Sing hopefully, and I become your emotions.

Sing determinedly, and I become your sincerity.

Soni omoi ta toutoki inori. Haruka kikoeru,

Meguru meguri meguru meguri meguru

Such thoughts are your precious prayer. Faraway, it can be heard,

They travel and surround.


a connection.

Chuu kayou inori ha koko ni yadoru omoi.

ss zs ii tt ii zz w was nnt nnt i ch rrrjj

Having journeyed through the universe, within the prayer here, dwells your thoughts.

The gods wanted us to be goddesses. And our hearts want nothing more than too love each newborn life.

Soru taiyou terasu

The sun shine upon it,

Oka ni.

upon the hills.

Was yea ra harmon Afezeria sos hartes ciel!

Let's all bless this world that we love so much.

Ama umi hase chi to yue kau.

rrat rra luu la rrat rra luu la rrat rra luu la lww raahra

The heavens and seas are in motion, joined and bound with the earth,

Three girls were born, bringing hope to the people.

Eremia san'oushin no utagoe

rrat rra cuu ta luutca twwi e nnnaaar

all due to the singing voices of the three song goddesses.

These sisters were born for this mission, and they will never be forgotten.

mw vvat sobb zsurra

And the sole aspiration reached all the corners of the world.

Kaze yo.

Tsuchi yo.

Nami yo.

Uchimaru mama.

ffpi xccu gju wwt wibb tzhhh

Oh wind.

Oh earth.

Oh waves.

continue your resonance.

Feathers, leaves, and rain pour on this blessed world.

Mi keku nasu wa ni.

Mitoki wa ni.

Towa ni.

jarra k i vppa bbda jarra k i vppa bbda

Peacefully carving down what is beautiful,

Within the loop that released your body,

for eternity,

The sound of creation weaved by those three ran through the world.

Utae ya.

we shall all sing.

Rrha ki ra nha yor ar ciel iem.

You were summoned to Ar Ciel.

Rrha ki ra gran rre hars hymmnos eneter yor syec

Here the songs of the sisters will enter your heart

Hyear ya!

Yes, in you too!